Minneapolis: Behind the Veil

S1:E1 "Pilot" - Lukas' Journal

Well fuck. Once again I see I should have used better judgment in the moment. I hate these county cells. Surrounded by dickwad wannabe bad boys, drunks and junkies puking in the corner. It reeks of taint in this place. The funny thing is I don’t know who is more incompetent most of the time, the prisoners or the jailers. This time my transgressions may actually stick, believe it or not. We will have to see what this slick attorney the priest hooked me up with will be able to pull out of his ass. I may have to call Captain Hedstrom and curry a favor out of him. He was my old man’s partner on the force for fifteen years. Just thinking about what I would owe him in return for this makes me shudder. He is a good man, too good actually. He will expect some altruistic deed out of me that I don’t have time for. Well, he will expect that after he berates me for not joining the force for the thousandth time. I know he feels responsible for me since the old man got killed in the line of duty, and I appreciate it, but he should know by now that I have turned from that path and my reasons why. He met Alice. He knows what I lost.

You would think that sitting in jail would shut some of these fuckers up. Some people never learn, like Hector who is now quiet on his bunk. Guy wouldn’t leave me be. I warned him more than once. Stupid fuck thought a pretty boy like me needed to be taught a lesson about being a man. Now he is going to have to learn how to fill out an insurance claim for dental work if he wants to chew food again. I knocked four of his teeth out rather than warn him a third time. At least I have one side of the room to myself now. Even the junkies are staying away.

I wonder what happened to the rest of the group last night. I saw Rebekah and Quinn get arrested with me. I was surprised, I thought that snake oil salesman would be the first to run at the sign of trouble. Instead it was that hillbilly woodsman and our fearless leader. Can’t say I blame them. If my car hadn’t been up there I would have ran too. This isn’t the first time I have been in a holding cell, but that doesn’t make this a comfortable experience. I much prefer my bed or the sweet scent of Olivia’s. Jesus, that poor girl. I bet she bails me out of here again. I wish she would just walk away, it’d be better for her without me anchoring the life she’s living into the muck of my own. She deserves better. Shit, she could have any man she wants. She wasn’t even in the sex industry when she was taken. The poor girl was an actress lured to a fake audition. She thinks I am her savior, but if she had met me before she was dragged into that pit she wouldn’t have given me the time of day.

I’m not quite sure what we experienced at the park, but I am sure there is some reasonable explanation for it all. I saw the white flash and ghostly form, I can’t deny that. Still, there is no way that was an actual ghost. Those high school kids were probably just fucking around. My guess is that guy was their dealer and they were hanging in the park rolling before hitting a nightclub somewhere. I can’t believe that lumberjack filled his shells with rock salt. I guess they trade brains for size when they grow kids up north.

That nurse seems like a good sort, I’m probably alright with her story. I don’t know about the other woman, “Vision” she calls herself. She isn’t one I would turn my back on, well not outside the bedroom anyway. Whatever this is I got myself mixed up in, at least the ladies I’m crossed with are easy on my eyes. Better than staring across the desk at old Frank. The guy may be one hell of a detective, but he’s about as pretty as a bulldog on a hot afternoon.

Well, here I am and I can’t do much about it now. I should be arraigned in the morning and by tomorrow I should be out on bail. I’ll talk to that lawyer and call the Captain to see what can be done to make these charges disappear. It should work out, now that I think of it. I guess I have had worse scrapes than this. It always works out in the end.

Fuck, I could use a drink.



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