Minneapolis: Behind the Veil

S:1 E:6 "Lone Wolf"

Carl's notes

I fucking hate werewolves. You get home dispose of the body and still have all that adrenaline pumping through you but you can make your self remember why. That first night is great! sure you need some stitches but your pumped up and you know you’re ready to take on the world.

And what a fucking week. The doctor died to some sucker of a leach. Must have caught the old man off guard, can’t believe the Dr. Gould got his sword out at all, my god was he fast for an AARP member. At least we put that undead cop in the ground for what he did to the doc.I’ve got his cane sword now and it’s a lovely piece. I think I may try to get as good with it as he was. But for now I’m going to the clubhouse to share my spoils, Uncal “Smiles” love Lagavulin 30 year and I love his stories of the clubs tour of the scottish highland distilleries. Plus a few boxes of cuban will make the boys happy.

Trixie is still up and kicking and told me she put the finishing work down on that big angry shag rug, and that Vision lady seems ok I mean a bit square and almost part of society but she eats at its edges and I can respect that.

Tonight is for celebrating because I know soon the nightmares will come. Doctor Gould told me that the nightmares will help me stand against the monsters and since I am less hurt than last time it must be true. Nurse a low ball of scotch and a cigar maybe bring home a girl who wants to piss off her dad. I’ve got one last night to enjoy sleep after all.

Well its been a week and yes the nightmares have started. Fucking werewolfs. Flashes of light and men shaking like someone possessed in the movies. the worst is seeing the faces tearing and shifting. the specifics of the nightmares change but the faces and the shift is the part that makes me squirm. Also I may have made a mistake bringing the stripper back last week she seems remarkably good at convincing me to let her stay.

Ok she gets points on her taste in shows and flicks we watched a movie called Vanhelsing and I’m thinking I need to look into crossbows, if I could re work one to be strong and loaded up with ammo that could be a serious advantage. Nice and quiet.

Well at least I get to be santa on this years Toys for tots ride the Prez. says a fake beard will cover my scars enough to not scare the kids. Still I cant wait untill that priest has some intel on how to hurt that cult, working with vampires what the fuck. We will fuck them up good for you Doc I promise.



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