Minneapolis: Behind the Veil

S1:E1 "Pilot" - Quinn's Journal

This body is uncomfortable and Quinn seems edgy about the prison stay. The symbiotic agreement we have is awkward. I feel like an overcharged ion, and this vessel doesn’t feel like it can contain me. At times it’s hard to say if my thoughts are completely my own as Quinn is struggling to get her bearings as being only a sub-conscience in her body now. I can tell this is difficult for her, as it is for me, being she is the first human I have possessed. My time in Hell gave me great insight into fear and pain, but other feelings elude me.

I am working to understand these crazy emotions humans have. They seem to be fueled by them. This group I have now found myself a part of is full of reckless decision making which is exciting. Lucas’ seems to be a catalyst the others are drawn to follow; even though his drug use and snap decisions can lead them into serious danger. Vision is a curious creature, I wonder if she believes what she has convinced others about her. She seems to be confused most of the time. The father is a troubled soul who has a healthy bloodlust which I can respect. He seems less pious than his counterparts. Jesse is as smart as he is devious, and I find him extremely entertaining. Then there’s the lumberjack. He appears to be the most “normal” human in the group, yet, I feel.. drawn to him as a mouse is drawn to cheese in a maze. This is bothersome, but he has a nice ass, ya know.. for a meat-suit.

The last few days with the group have been eventful, but It’s obvious we are far from being a well-oiled machine. The humans seem to be struggling to find their purchase in the hunter cell. I believe Quinn’s experience as a nurse is going to be rather beneficial as I know one of them is probably going to get maimed at some point. Tonight was a fine example of their rash decision making as Lucas and Hammer’s ill-timed gunplay has landed me in a cell; I’m not used to being the one who is restrained. When the sirens neared I decided to stay behind rather quickly. I wanted to see which ambulance was going to pick up the ring-leader that Lucas shot. Hopefully he’s not dead, I’m going to enjoy having a few words with him. Tuttle better get me out of here quickly. He seems to be useful enough, but it appears that the father has some friends in pretty low places. I’d rather not be stuck here to deal with Detective Flinn. That guy is an asshole.



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