George Paul

Nightborne Fanatic Cultist

OCCUPATION: Nightborne Cult Footsoldier

DESCRIPTION: 30 years old, 5’10", 150lbs. Dresses in drab clothing and sports a haircut that looks as if he did it himself with a Flobee. He typically speaks excitedly and in hushed tones – as if he is imparting some great secret wisdom with everything he says. Can be charismatic with teenagers but shies away from other adults. He is fanatical about Nightborne and is very eager to please. He would not hesitate to do anything for the cult.

BACKGROUND: Discovered from the hospital H&P that he had a sister that died in childhood, a brother that died from alcoholism, a father who died of a stroke, and a mother living in Medford, MN (Susan Paul).

FIRST ENCOUNTERED: Episode 1 “Pilot” May 25, 2013 – Spotted conducting some sort of ritual with a group of teenagers at Swede Hollow park. He was shot in the leg by Lucas when he tried to escape.

QUOTE: “f you please him, Nightborne might bless you with his dark touch too.”

George Paul

Minneapolis: Behind the Veil ImmortalDM