Jason Tuttle

Shady Lawyer

OCCUPATION: Criminal Defense Attorney

DESCRIPTION: Not so much a criminal lawyer as a criminal lawyer. He operates out of a strip mall office and runs low budget late night TV ads advising potential clients to “Just call Jason” when they’re in trouble with the law. He’s the kind of guy who “knows a guy who knows a guy.”

BACKGROUND: He has apparently worked with Fr. John in the past and has seen behind the veil, or at least believes it.

FIRST ENCOUNTERED: Episode 1 “Pilot” May 25, 2013 – Showed up in the SPD interrogation rooms while Det. Flinn was interrogating Lucas, Quinn, and Vision about a shooting in Swede Hollow.

QUOTE: “There are laws detective, have your kindergarten teacher read them to you. Right, go grab your juice box and have a nap!”

Jason Tuttle

Minneapolis: Behind the Veil ImmortalDM