Olivia Monroe

Overprotective Madame

OCCUPATION: Business Owner – A Sweet Sensation Escort (playtimegirlz.com)

DESCRIPTION: A no-nonsense, strong, business woman. She is a well toned African American woman that stands around 5’9". Her soft facial features are belied by her hard eyes, eyes that have seen more than any person should in their life. She has the type of physique that could stop traffic on a rainy day, a wry grin that could melt stone and New York accent that can let you know in a moment’s notice that she is not to be fucked with.

BACKGROUND: She is in love with Lucas because he saved her from sex slavery and will do anything to help him. In fact, this is why she runs an escort service; she want’s to be able to provide Lucas with information from inside the sex industry.

FIRST ENCOUNTERED: May 24, 2013 – Lucas spent the night at her apartment after his first night of investigating the deaths around Swede Hollow.

QUOTE: “You don’t have to be alone tonight.”

Olivia Monroe

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