Episode 2 "Harvester"

August 10, 2013

In the St. Paul, Ramsey County Courthouse:

Jason_Tuttle.jpg“Your honor, the prosecution simply does not have the evidence to bring my clients to trial,” your attorney, Jason Tuttle sits with Quinn and Rebekah in a Ramsey County Courthouse conference room. “They were found with no weapons, no drugs, no contraband at all. These unfortunate women were very simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. There are no grounds to bring this case to trial so, unless the prosecution can present some new evidence, I demand that the charges against my clients are dropped and that this case is dismissed.” Mr. Tuttle closes the file in front of him and crosses his arms awaiting a response .

The honorable Mark Ireland Mark Ireland looks over to the prosecuting attorney and says, “Well Mr. Miller? Do you have anything to present outside of the circumstantial evidence already filed?”

The David Miller prosecuting attorney shuffles through some documents for a moment then finally responds, “No, your honor.”

“Then this case is dismissed. Counselors, please have your final paperwork on my desk by Wednesday.”

With that the room cleared and Rebekah and Quinn found themselves walking out of the building with Jason Tuttle. He mentions that he is on his way to represent Lucas later in the morning but it would be much easier to get him off if the cocaine were to “disappear” from the SPD evidence room.

Jason Tuttle takes a phone call:

“I’m gonna get you a second phone call, OK? You’re gonna call your mommy or your daddy or your parish priest or your boy scout leader, and they’re gonna deliver me a check for $4650.00. I’m gonna write that down on the back of my business card. Four, Six, Five, Zero, OK? And I need that in a cashiers check or a money order, doesn’t matter. Actually, ah, I want it in a money order and ah, make it out to “Ice Station Zebra Associates.” That’s my loan out. It’s totally legit… its done just for tax purposes. After that we can discuss Visa or Mastercard, but definitely not American Express, so don’t even ask, alright? Any questions?"

Before they part, Jason tells the girls that they did a great job at the hearing:

“If you’re committed enough, you can make any story work. I once told a woman I was Kevin Costner, and it worked because I believed it.”

Quinn and Rebekah decide to head to the church to meet with Fr. John. They arrive to find an associate of Fr. John’s that they have not met before. They find out that he is a professor at Augsburg College and that Fr. John has worked with him as a consultant in the past.
Quinn has to work the midnight shift at St. Joseph’s hospital which happens to be the same facility that the man Lucas shot was taken to. Quinn, Jesse, and Daniel head to the hospital so Quinn can work and the others can see if they can find out who the man was.

Daniel meets a woman by the name of Jennifer James in the hospital cafeteria. She explains that she brought her husband, Aaron James in because of his strange behavior. Daniel gives her his card and says to call after she explains about how her husband has been acting because he is suspicious that something supernatural might be going on.

Meanwhile, Quinn reported for duty at the ER and went to see her assigned patient, Mr. Aaron James. He revealed himself as a demon and attacked Quinn. He indicated that his goal was to bring Quinn back to Hell with him. Quinn successfully destroyed the demon by stabbing him with her dagger. Quinn was relieved from duty. It appeared as though Aaron James would survive with a punctured lung. Quinn decides to go into hiding now that the demons hunting her have found her.

Meanwhile, Jesse manages to hack into the hospital computer and accesses the medical records on the man Lucas shot. His name is George Paul. They find out he nearly died after the gunshot wound but survived and had been discharged to an address in St. Paul. on Tedesco street.

George Paul H&P

Quinn, Jesse, and Daniel head back to the church. Quinn is questioned by the others because she has blood on her clothing and she comes clean about being a demon. She explains that she escaped from Hell and was attacked by a demon bounty hunter but managed to kill the attacker with her ancient Kurdish demon killing knife.

To prove she is a demon she demonstrates by activating her “Demon Tell” making her eyes completely black.

Daniel is a bit shaken by seeing this but the rest of the group takes it rather well. He goes outside to chain smoke and talk to himself.

The team refocuses on George Paul. Hammer and Rebekah go to steak out the address on the H&P. They arrive and the building appears to be an assisted living facility for seniors. Hammer puts on his tool belt and pretends to be a repair man. He knocks on the door of apartment 113 and is let in by a very old, frail woman with thick glasses named Ruth Olson. Hammer checks the apartment over and then pretends to fix something under the sink. It appears that this was a fake address as there was no evidence that George Paul was ever here. Hammer and Rebekah head back to the church to report their findings.

While they are gone, Jesse calls the phone number listed for George Paul on his H&P and leaves a message, “Hello! This is Brad Nelson from the Greater Twin Cities Sweepstakes and I’m looking for a George Paul who just won a thousand dollars in our drawing! In our local random drawing of patients! Call me at (gave burner phone number) to make arrangements to claim your prize!”

He then does searches the internet and finds the number associated with 325 Laural Ave., Apt 408, St. Paul, MN. Then Jesse slips out and catches a cab.

Daniel is waiting outside when this van rolls up:

Jesse steps out and says the van is large enough to carry the entire team. He also obtained several wireless security cameras and a Geek Squad uniform.

The team loads up into the van and heads to the Laural Avenue address. Jesse sets up cameras on each entrance wearing the Geek Squad uniform. Hammer puts on his tool belt and goes up to Apartment 408 while Jesse sets up a camera in the hallway to watch George’s door. He tries the door knob but it is locked. The team steaks out the apartment building from the van in the parking lot.

At 7pm George Paul arrives and hobbles into the building using a cane. Hammer searches George’s white cargo van and finds a CD on the passenger seat that contains the following files:




And has this image drawn on it:

They copy the disc then place it back in the van. After about an hour, George leaves his apartment. Daniel and Jesse go up to the apartment while Hammer, Quinn, and Vision follow George in the van.

Hammer attempts to tail George and is discovered so George speeds away. Hammer returns to the apartment.

Daniel and Jesse get into the apartment that is now unlocked and find George’s apartment is a mess, filled with books, empty pizza boxes, cigarette butts, and dirty laundry. They take the books.

Jesse hacks into the DMV and looks up George Paul’s license plate. It matches his name and address and there are also some parking tickets around the area of Swede Hollow.

The group drives away from the apartment and parks in a nearby park to work on the puzzle. They discover that one of the documents is a list of ISBNs for books that they stole from George’s apartment. The other document is a book cipher. Which book to use for the cipher is the ISBN that is in the same position as the song was on the BIllboard top 100 on the date of the song file.

The puzzle answer is: Bring me the heart of Lucy Morris.

Jesse finds an address for a woman named Lucy Morris nearby in St. Paul.

Lucy Morris

They try to call her but get an answering machine so speed to the address. As they near the home they see George’s van following a blue sedan so they tail them to a bar in Northeast Minneapolis called the Nomad. Lucy goes inside and George follows her soon after. The group gets out of the van and heads into the Nomad but not before Hammer slashes the front passenger tire.

The group is stopped at the door and carded by this bouncer:

Tim Olson

Vision sees George attempting to slip a roofie into Lucy’s drink so Hammer and Daniel push their way to the bar and sit on either side of him. And in clear and threatening innuendo they indicate to George that they know what he is up to. George attempts to flee by hobbling out of the Nomad and back to his van. George starts the van and then Jesse pulls the team van up behind George, blocking him in. Then Daniel jumps out of the team van and gets into the passenger seat of George’s van. Daniel then pulls his grandfather’s .44 magnum out and points it at George’s face. George surrenders and is taken, bound in duct tape, by the team back to the church.

In the basement of the church they tie him to a chair and then fill in Fr. John on what transpired. Hammer attempts to muscle information out of George to no avail. He appears to be a fanatic in some sort of strange cult. Then Vision speaks with him alone and makes him believe that she is communing with his dead sister and he begins to give her information..

George says that he belongs to the Nightborne Cult. He is apparently a very low level foot soldier for the cult and was hoping to gain standing in the cult by successfully kidnapping Lucy Morris and delivering her “unto the Nightborne so that he may live through her sacrifice.”

Fr. John asks to speak to the team away from George and tells them that he has been hunting Nightborne for a long time. He is some sort of creature that exists between life and death and must use body parts from other people to keep himself alive. Although not just any person will do, he is only compatible with certain individuals. He thinks that the goals of this cult could have serious consequences for the people of Minneapolis and possibly could bring about the end of the world. Unfortunately, he is not entirely sure what Nightborne is up to. But with his trail being cold for so long, Fr. John is excited at this new development.

End of Episode

Episode 2 "Harvester"

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